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Introducing Brumidi Group

Brumidi Group Logo

On behalf of our team, I am very excited to announce the launch of our new firm, Brumidi Group. Our firm is a boutique strategic consulting firm with expertise navigating the intersection of public policy and politics to advance and protect our clients’ purpose and promise.

In addition to our current team, we will be aggressively recruiting more colleagues who are experts at navigating the complex policy ecosystem in Washington, DC, have strong relationships on both sides of the political aisle, are innovative thinkers, and are committed to a real partnership with our clients.

As Brumidi Group grows, we will expand in a way that best serves our clients and in doing so we expect to have members of our team located both within DC and in other regions that are strategically important to our client base. We have a partner located in New York City, for example, we plan on opening an office in the west by the end of the year, and we expect to do the same in other critical regions.

We have a long record of success across six service areas that we will focus on at Brumidi Group – Policy Development, Government Affairs and Lobbying, Messaging and Narrative Development, Oversight and Crisis Management, Advisory, and Research and Tracking. Our clients have had tremendous victories across all of these service offerings in their partnership with us and we look forward to many more as we move forward in this journey together. Where additional services are needed, however, we will not shy away from leveraging our existing network of partners or recruiting new partners that align with our values, our work ethic, and our platform.

Anyone who knows this team can vouch for our unparalleled commitment to our clients. Like we always have, we will continue to tirelessly work to advance the priorities of our clients, create new opportunities for them, and provide them with new and innovative strategies.

In addition to our clients, we will also prioritize our team and our community. We look forward to building a company that welcomes team members that are as committed to our clients as we are and who bring diverse backgrounds, strong expertise, and an innovative approach to their work. At the same time, we will work to strengthen our community through service, charitable giving, and meaningful partnership to advance the causes our team cares most about.

We look forward to the adventures that await at Brumidi Group and appreciate all the support from our clients, friends, and community for the work ahead.


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