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Celebrating Brumidi Group's One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, we officially launched Brumidi Group as a firm that could lead the market in navigating the complexities of the federal government at the intersection of policy and politics. It is somewhat hard to believe that a concept hatched in a patchwork of coffee shops and hotel conference rooms has grown into such a meaningful community of clients, partners, and team members with a shared vision around the Art of Impact. Our work together has been both exciting and rewarding. We celebrate this first anniversary with great pride about important accomplishments and policy wins for our clients as well as enthusiasm for the future.

While we know there will be many more anniversaries to celebrate in the years to come, we are especially proud of what we have built in year one. In addition to our day jobs of developing and implementing sophisticated strategies, we have grown our company to better serve our clients and our team. We expanded to both Denver and New York City as part of a commitment to create connectivity to regions where our clients operate. We hired a fantastic project manager that has built internal operating systems to increase coordination and communication with our clients. We have doubled the size of our team and continue to look for additional people who share our commitment to client service as well as our values. We have built an unmatched library of timely thought leadership by our team of experts that is updated daily (see here). And, most importantly, we have built a strong company culture that combines unparalleled benefits with a commitment to empowering our team members to lead, which has helped build the unmatched team we have today. Of course, the early success of Brumidi Group is not just a testament to our team and stakeholders, but also the countless clients, partners, friends, family, and even competitors that have been cheering us on over the last year. There has been nothing more rewarding than the advice, guidance, and perspectives we have been given by those around us that have helped move our company forward. We are hopeful that carries on in the years ahead. As we reflect on this past year, we are especially appreciative of all our clients who have trusted us with their policy priorities and allowed us to guide them through the complex and often dysfunctional policy ecosystem. In the years ahead, our team will always live up to our commitment to work tirelessly for the organizations we represent and we look forward to many more policy and funding wins as this journey continues. THANK YOU for your support on this important anniversary.


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