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The Value of Unique Employee Benefits

In August, I hit my 6-month mark at Brumidi Group, unlocking an exciting employee benefit: the opportunity to purchase the bike of my choice. As I walked through the Trek store, I recall explaining the employee benefit to the associate. He was incredulous, and this sparked a conversation on the work Brumidi Group and our clients do in the outdoor space and how this bike “made sense” in regards to the policies and initiatives that we strive to enact. Leaving the store that day I reflected on just how cool it was to offer a not-so-basic benefit that not only improved employee experience, but also forged alignment with the company and client values. Here’s why uniquely tailored work perks can set a scene where the firm, the clients, and the employee can all benefit.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Tailoring benefits to align with the company's values enhances employee satisfaction and engagement. This approach attracts individuals who are passionate about the company’s mission, fostering a sense of pride and alignment with the organizational culture. Furthermore, when employees feel their values are respected, they are more likely to become enthusiastic brand advocates, positively contributing to the overall work culture.

Compelling Company Brand and Message Alignment

Investing in distinctive benefits can reinforce brand messaging. When prospective clients and customers see that a company actively champions the values it promotes, it establishes credibility and creates a lasting impression. Inconsistencies erode trust. Aligning employee benefits with the core values of the organization serves as a tangible demonstration of the company's commitment to its mission and ensures a coherent and compelling brand message.

Stronger Employee-Client Value Alignment

Beyond internal impacts, unique work perks can extend their positive influence to the client relationships of a company. Providing benefits that resonate with shared values creates a natural alignment for the company, the employees, and their clients. This alignment not only enhances business relationships but also fosters a deeper sense of connection and understanding between all parties involved, contributing to a more collaborative and mutually beneficial professional ecosystem.

A few months after my initial visit to Trek, I eventually chose my bike-- a peach e-bike that I’m obsessed with. As the weather warms, I look forward to taking advantage of other benefits like our national park pass and funds to support our physical health. Utilizing these perks, I feel aligned with the values we strive for at Brumidi Group. Like many of our clients, we share a commitment to increasing access to outdoor spaces and contributing to a healthier environment. I am excited to continue in a firm that demonstrates a keen understanding of the value that small details hold, recognizing how unique benefits can significantly amplify both employee satisfaction and professional pursuits.


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