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We create sophisticated strategies that leverage every corner of the policy ecosystem. We navigate the complexities at the intersection of policy and politics.  

We win for our clients.  


Policy Development

Our team has worked with clients at every phase of the policy development process, from ideation to drafting.  We work with clients to ensure technical language effectively meets their objectives and that it is matched with the appropriate policy platform.  We have inserted language we have drafted across all policy platforms at every stage of the policymaking process and are proud of the many policies we have built from scratch that have been signed into law or been finalized through the regulatory process.

Oversight & Crisis Management

Our team has managed congressional oversight and crisis situations for a range of clients that have faced brand risk, policy risk, or both -- often in coordination with a law firm partner if legal risk exists.  In doing so, we work with our clients to develop appropriate messaging and outreach strategies to key decision-makers.  

Government Affairs & Lobbying

We have built a bipartisan team that will navigate the complexities of the policymaking ecosystem to advance the policy priorities of our clients.  Our bipartisan approach leverages our expertise of the regulatory and legislative process, our networks throughout the federal government and across the political aisle, and our strong record around developing and implementing successful lobbying strategies. 

Brumidi Group Advisory

Our team works with a variety of clients through a range of advisory services to help advance their organization.  These services have included auditing existing in-house lobbying and communications efforts, developing policy agendas for companies and non-profit organizations, providing due diligence for potential trade association mergers and acquisitions, advising on the structure of policy teams, and helping develop the mission and focus of new policy-oriented organizations.

Messaging & Narrative Development

Our team believes that messaging and branding are key tools within any lobbying strategy.  Developing an effective message and brand is critical to leveraging policy opportunities, mitigating policy risk, and gaining influence in Washington, D.C.  We work with clients large and small on developing effective messaging that aligns with their policy objectives and strengthening their brand across the policy ecosystem to better position them for success.

Research & Tracking

Our team includes professionals that are responsible for research, tracking, and analysis for our clients to ensure they have constant visibility into their priority issues in the press, across the federal government, social media, through thought leadership, and among competitors.  They provide early-stage intelligence that can be used to better inform our strategies.  Additionally, our team has proprietary impact mapping tools to identify potential supporters and opponents on any given issue.


“Artful strategists and impactful tacticians who deliver results that matter."

Jeff Cohen, Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer, INFORMS 

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