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What Was Included in the Continuing Resolution and What Comes Next?

Over the weekend, Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown. At the last minute, Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached an agreement for a 45-day continuing resolution to maintain current funding levels past the expiration deadline of September 30th. The House and Senate passed the bill with bipartisan support in both chambers later that day, and the bill was signed into law Saturday evening – narrowly avoiding a government shutdown.

This legislation will extend current funding through November 17th, but it is unclear what the funding landscape will look like by that time. In the next 45 days, Congress has several potential routes for action – passing FY24 appropriations measures, reaching a consensus on another short-term extension, or entering a government shutdown.

Check out Brumidi Group's latest infographic for all you need to know about what was included in the extension and what to expect over the next 45 days.


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