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Weather Warming Up Means It’s Time to Start Planning August Recess Visits

Here in DC, it’s starting to feel like summer, which means it’s time to start thinking about August recess. While DC clears out for the month, elected officials and staff are back in the district and state meeting with constituents. This is a great opportunity to get your organization in front of your congressional delegation while elected officials are looking to fill a month of on-site visits in their home state.

Here are a few points to consider when beginning to conduct outreach:

Think about a unique location. Does your organization have a new facility tour or a local trail to hike? Make the visit memorable and aligned with the issue that you’re advocating for.

Be flexible. If your organization has multiple sites across the state or district, offer all the locations to the congressional office. Their offices are looking to piece together events in similar locations and your flexibility could pay off.

Bring together a coalition. If you’re able to, use your visit as a convening for likeminded groups that have similar advocacy asks. Just like advocating in DC, your position is stronger when you have a diverse coalition and that applies a home visit as well.

Don’t limit asks to just elected officials. Congressional staff head back to the state and district during August. Reach out to staff you have relationships with and invite them to visit your organization’s location. This is an excellent way to build long-term relationships and make the case for new legislation or oversight. 

If not August, plan for October. This year, Congress will be back home campaigning the month of October as well as August. Getting your invite in now for August with the opportunity to also meet in October could increase your chances of a visit.

August recess this year is from August 5 through September 9. If you have a site visit in mind, now is the time to start reaching out about at-home opportunities.


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