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Setting the Advocacy Agenda for 2024

As the year comes to a close, many organizations are putting together advocacy strategies for 2024. In DC, there are several legislative vehicles we can look to (with relative certainty) that will advance next year and many policies worth laying the groundwork for movement. Understanding what’s possible and preparing a well-thought-out advocacy approach is essential for any organization aiming to make an impact in the year ahead.


Certain policies have greater certainty of moving – the Farm Bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2024 and 2025 Appropriations, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization – in 2024. However, the window to influence some of these bills is quickly closing. Meanwhile, determining whether your organization would benefit from a marker bill that sets the stage for movement in a new Congress allows greater flexibility on timing. Figuring out priorities going into 2024 will help organizations pinpoint when to prioritize different policies throughout the year.


A few tips for effective advocacy planning for 2024, regardless of your priority issue:

Issue Prioritization: Identify your organization's top priorities and what committees of jurisdiction they are within. Consider potential champions and if the bill already exists, how to make it a priority for its bill leads.


Engage Stakeholders: Build coalitions and engage with stakeholders who share your goals. Collaborative advocacy efforts can expand reach among key decisionmakers and build momentum for a policy in a crowded ecosystem.


Research and Reports: Consider whether your organization, or partners, will be releasing reports on your policy priorities and plan events showcasing these results.


In-District Events: Now that we know the congressional calendar for 2024, begin to plan opportunities outside of DC when policymakers are on recess.


Media and Events: Schedule op-eds, big events, and media pushes around specific moments to gain better traction.


Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your advocacy strategy as legislative dynamics evolve throughout the year.

As the year-end approaches, advocacy organizations have a unique opportunity to set the stage for impactful policy changes in 2024. By strategically planning for policies that have a high likelihood of movement and advancements on marker bills, organizations can ensure that their voices are heard, their priorities are addressed, and they contribute to shaping federal policy.


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