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Retreats for Improved Client Services

Last week, my coworkers and I traveled to New Orleans to attend Brumidi Group’s 3rd biannual retreat. At Brumidi Group, I work remotely for most of the year, so I always look forward to our retreats as an opportunity to reconnect and bond in person with my team. While we always have an amazing time exploring the local city and eating great food, our primary goal is to become a stronger team so that we can provide better services to our clients. As we learn and grow as a nascent company, here are 4 things I have observed about how retreats benefit our team and, in turn, benefit our clients.

A Moment to Recalibrate: Retreats provide a unique space for us to reconvene, reflect on past experiences, and strategize on how to better serve client needs. Our client services are dynamic, and we must adapt as the industries we serve do. Taking a step back to regroup and strategize allows us to reassess our approach, identify areas for improvement, and collectively work towards refining our services.

Enhanced Communication and Transparency: Effective client services hinge on clear and transparent communication. Retreats offer an environment where we can discuss internal strategy, share insights, and strengthen our communication skills. As our team becomes more cohesive, our ability to provide a seamless experience for our clients improves.

Greater Clarity and Creativity: Retreats create a dedicated space for tactical planning and innovation, fostering an environment where we can brainstorm, share ideas, and explore creative solutions to our challenges. This collaboration results in improved services and innovative problem-solving, ensuring client needs are met with ingenuity.

Strengthened Personal Connections and Trust: Face-to-face interactions during retreats aren't just about having a good time; they're crucial for our team to bond and strengthen our relationships. Trust among our team translates directly into improved client services. As we build strong connections within, we enhance our ability to collaborate seamlessly, share knowledge, and collectively address client needs more effectively.

As a Bonus: Employees who enjoy where they work put more effort into what they do. Reflecting on our retreat, I feel truly lucky to work with a team that is so dedicated to creating a better workplace experience so that we all feel inspired to consistently push forward and challenge ourselves to be our best for our clients.


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