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Cyber Report | September 15th, 2023

With this week being the first week that both the House and Senate were back in DC after the August recess, it was an extremely busy week in cyber and tech policy in Washington.

The main focus in DC this week was undoubtedly artificial intelligence, with several hearings held and the first AI Insight Forum convened to address Big Tech's role in AI. Especially as the Senate is working to reach a consensus-based approach to regulating AI, there remains wide agreement on areas of future regulation, but divisions are starting to emerge - especially surrounding the timing of legislation. While Senate Majority Leader Schumer has been leading the charge on a "listen and learn" approach that focuses on policymakers engaging a wide array of stakeholders and taking their time to craft the appropriate legislation, there are new calls from other leaders within Congress that are urging that the regulatory legislation be assembled with more speed to meet the needs of the moment.

Beyond AI, CISA published their roadmap on open source software security and NIST published a new report on zero trust architectures. Separately, CISA convened a Cyber Advisory Committee meeting that focused on several cyber recommendations, including an effort to implement a national cyber alert system to share actionable threat warning information. Lastly, Senators Hickenlooper and Tillis sent a letter to ONCD on efforts to secure critical infrastructure amid developments in generative AI.


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