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Cyber Report | March 1st, 2024

There were a number of notable developments related to cybersecurity this week in DC, even with Congress largely focused on finding a path forward on FY24 funding. President Biden signed an Executive Order aimed towards preventing access to Americans' sensitive personal data and government data by countries of concern through tasking various federal agencies with developing regulations for greater data privacy protections and transmission changes. Separately, the Commerce Department published an ANPRM seeking to gather information on securing the information technology supply chain for connected vehicles.

There also seemed to be a strong focus on releasing reports - a highly anticipated update to NIST's Cybersecurity Framework, an ONCD report focused on enhancing software security, and a PCAST report on bolstering critical infrastructure cyber resilience. Lastly, the House Homeland Security Committee convened a hearing on improving port cybersecurity - especially in a landscape with growing Chinese cyber threats.

Check it all out and more in this week's Brumidi Group Cyber Report!


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