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Cyber Report | February 9th, 2024

There were a number of notable developments related to AI, cybersecurity, and technology this week in DC. In the administration, the Commerce Department announced the establishment of a dedicated AI Safety Institute Consortium within NIST, which will focus on convening a range of stakeholders focused on the development and deployment of trustworthy AI. Separately, the administration also announced the latest set of actions related to implementation of the CHIPS Act - including $5 billion in funding for the National Semiconductor Technology Center and other tranches of funding for the semiconductor workforce and other R&D programs. 

Furthermore, the Department of Energy published guidance intended to help users of their voluntary maturity certification program comply with the recently released CMMC standards published by the Defense Department. Additionally, CISA published guidance focused on implementing best practices for securing various software package repositories. Lastly, the GSA announced an official call for project proposals from federal agencies to useTMF funding for mission-enabling implementation of AI.

Meanwhile, in Congress, there were hearings focused on AI and cybersecurity. Notably, the House Homeland Security Committee convened a hearing focused on operational technology security in the water sector, which led to a broader focus on enhancing OT security in critical infrastructure. 


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