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Cyber Report | December 1st, 2023

There were several developments related to cybersecurity, privacy, and AI over the past several days. Earlier this week, a group of cyber agencies from an array of international allies published guidance on securing artificial intelligence systems. Meanwhile, at the state level, the California Privacy Protection Agency has released a draft rule on how to protect data privacy with the advent of AI and automated decision making technologies.

Separately, the House Oversight Committee convened a hearing on protecting the federal software supply chain with a focus on how to advance the adoption of IT infrastructure in the federal ecosystem, enhance security of these systems, and diversify the procurement landscape. Furthermore, the Government Accountability Office published a report on the various federal grant programs providing cybersecurity resources to state, local, territorial, and tribal governments.

Lastly, the House Science Committee passed the National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act out of committee with bipartisan support, which would support the further development of quantum capabilities in the U.S.

Check it all out in the latest Cyber Report!


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