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BG Update: New Presence in the West

When Brumidi Group launched six months ago, we highlighted a commitment to grow in regions that are strategically important to our clients. Despite being early in our company’s history, we prioritized this commitment because we believe it is core to our brand of service and will help strengthen existing regional partnerships with organizations and companies that align with our clients, our culture, and our corporate values.

We are proud to announce that this week marks the launch of Brumidi Group’s presence in the West!

Our western operations will be based in Colorado, but will have a broader focus across all western states. We are excited to work closer to our many clients in the region and introduce our team and range of services to new clients throughout this important region.

Our efforts in the West will be led by Brett Fulcer, who serves as a Vice President on our team and has a strong background on western issues, including rural economic development, outdoor recreation, public lands, and transportation.

From even before Brumidi Group’s founding, looking beyond Washington, DC, was important to us. While our nation’s capital is an important venue for our work and will always be where our company is based, the work of our clients are mostly well outside DC’s boundaries. We are excited to meet them where they are and connect our company to regions that make sense.


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